Back Pain

Man in back pain

When you try to get out of bed in the morning, do you have pain that won't let you straighten out or sit up right away?

When you bend over at the waist, does it hurt to stand up straight?

Have you ever experienced tightness or stabbing symptoms when you have leaned over to put your shoes on or to pick up something off the floor?

When you look in the mirror, do you seem to list to one side?

Do you sleep better in your recliner than in your bed?

Do "Honey-do's"  become "Honey I can't"?

Are you asking others to lift objects for you out of fear of hurting yourself worse?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "Yes", you have mechanical or structural low back pain. The good news is you are the right place!  

80% of Americans will suffer from low back pain and the proven most efficient, most effective and least costly healthcare solution is chiropractic.

A lifetime of anti-inflammatories and steroids is expensive and dangerous and don't solve the problem. They can cause heart attacks, liver failure and kidney failure etc...Why risk that?

Some people treat their car better than they take care of their own body. The car makes a noise they seek out a mechanic to fix the problem immediately. Why would you not take care of your body the same way?! You can always get a new car. You only get one nervous system and one body. 

Don't make the mistake of waiting too late to get help. Low back surgery is permanent and costly. Over 11 billion dollars are spent on 500,000 low back surgeries every year in America with a return of symptoms 50% of the time. Don't become a statistic. Get better.


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