Do you have pain that starts in the back of skull and travels over your head to your forehead? 

When you stare at a computer screen or sit at a desk do you notice that your head and neck are jutting forward and your shoulders are rounded?

In the morning, does pain in the jaw or forehead wake you up?

When you're suffering, is your agony on only one side of your head or both sides?

Do you find yourself frequently (more than once a month) ingesting Bayer, Tylenol, Excredrin, an anti-inflammatory or something prescribed at the end of day?

When you refrain from caffeine, do you hurt until you have a soda or cup of coffee?

Are there days when you close yourself in a dark room and close your eyes to rid yourself of the pain?

Most people would say "It's only a headache", but those of you who suffer from them, you know the pain can be excruciating at times. 

A lot of people ingest medication to ease the pain, but why does the problem re-occur if it's "only a headache?"

Despite what some people may tell you, headaches are never "normal." The constriction of blood vessels, reducing blood and oxygen to the brain, creating tension in the muscles that attach to the neck, head and upper back can manifest or present itself in many different patterns. Most people do not realize that their posture often dictates their headaches--whether their head is rotated or tilted toward one shoulder, or sitting too far forward in front of their chest, or if they hold one shoulder higher than the other.

A great number of people find chiropractic to be a more permanent solution for their headaches. In many cases, misalignments or subluxations of the cervical (neck) vertebrae or upper back dictate abnormal posture and create the muscular tension and restrict blood flow that give rise to headaches. The chiropractic adjustment removes these subluxations so the patient can heal naturally.  

At Lundy Healthcare at the Beach, we not only adjust you to help with the symptoms, we give you the power to make a permanent correction of your posture to make those headaches part of your past.


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