Spinal Decompression

Non surgical spinal decompression

For some patients, chiropractic care is only a part of the answer. Re-aligning the skeleton is of utmost importance so your brain can send energy and information through the spinal cord and nerves without interruption. However, if a misaligned skeleton has caused the vertebrae to compress and bulge or herniate a disc, the disc injury needs to be addressed before any kind of long-term healing and relief can be experienced by the patient. 

At Lundy Healthcare at the Beach, we offer the SpineMed Decompression machine to directly address the pain and symptoms associated with herniated/bulging discs and spinal canal compression in the cervical and lumbar spine. Instead of the antiquated method of traction, Decompression not only unloads the pressure on the affected disc, it actually exercises the injured area to make it stronger!

The video explains the benefits of and science behind this ground-breaking machine:

If you are suffering from the crippling effects of a sciatica or numbness, tingling or burning pain in the arms and hands due to a disc injury, there is now a solution that is effective over 85% of the time and DOESN'T involve the dangers of surgery or the lengthy recovery time.


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